some call it europe,
we call it home.

AEGEE encourages the development of a democratic and diverse Europe without borders, that is socially, economically and politically integrated and actively shaped by young people.

How do we do that?

We remove borders.

Especially in the mind. The “Association des États Généraux des Étudiants de l’Europe” is an international student network and includes more than 240 local groups in over 40 European countries. This way we encourage intercultural exchange and dialogue with each other.

And in Aachen?

Local Activities

Working with Erasmus

We train Erasmus tutors and accompany Internationals during their stay in Aachen.

Summer Universities

Our members travel to all over Europe – We host about 20 Europeans every year.


We actively support our members in their personal development.

Political Education

Through our events we give information and contribute to political education.

Societal progress

Our events call for an open-minded society – in Aachen and all over Europe.

Team spirit

As the largest student association in Aachen and with a huge network behind us we cultivate sustainable friendships.

Are you interested? Awesome!

Come to our weekly meeting ("Stammtisch") or send us an email!

Weekly Meeting

Every Monday at 8 pm, AEGEE-Aachen Office, Elisabethstraße 16